I made these matte paintings for the Delphi areas where the top one is the final one we used. The original is a 4096x1024 but I ended up making the ingame a 2048x512, mapped on a sphere with smaller tileable cloud textures.

GoW3 - 3 JudgesGoW3 - 3 Judges

When I made these columns, we weren't yet sure how close the cameras would get, sometimes cinematics show a vista shot, so I made them a bit higher in quality than a usual LOD is.
The main building below starts to animate towards the player, creating a bridge to the next area once you're done in the previous section. I used one 1024 on the main building to save memory.
The snake roof tile (256x256) is it's own texture so I was able to tile it on larger areas. The bottom building is based on a concept done by Cecil Kim.

GoW3 - 3 Judges

GoW3 - 3 Judges





Timo Pihlajamäki