Here's some of the art I did for the other Titan level in GoW3. Most of the artwork on the character was done by Tyler Breon who zBrushed the Titan, but some things on my list included the middle pieces shown
below(right) and the burning Skydome. Since the level had so much going on already, and the character so massive, my task was to create the metal piece in the middle as cheap as possible without making it look bad
when standing close up.I got a concept from Izzy Merdano and made the middle piece using one shader with the maps in 1024 resolution. I kept the texel ratio at 128 texels per meter by mirroring the texture
and reusing the details. The metal piece might look small but you can see how small the character looks on top of it in the picture below. Both Gaia and Cronos were both over 500m tall in the game :)


A lot of my early work in this level also went into RnD, where I made different shader networks for the Cronos skin. Since I had used a similar technique for the skydomes, they assigned me to create something similar for this.
It's all skinned so I couldn't use any alphas and had to rely on making the shader more advanced instead, while at the same time keeping an eye on the render cycles. This one below (left) are some of the shader setups I made.
My task was to create a slippery looking skin shader, a dry dirt section for climbing, and blend all that on top of the original shader that Tyler had done.

Later in the game, when Kratos gets eaten up by the Titan, he ends up in this area below. The stuff you see in the pictures below were done by me, but later on we decided to hand over this area to Tyler,
so I could concentrate more on the other Gaia levels. Gaia had a pretty epic gameplay, but in my opinion, the Cronos battle was the coolest thing we had in the game.
The final result from Tyler and the ingame battle can be seen in this movie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXoRJ5m3TGo

I zBrushed the guts on the sides, built the section tileable and added all kind of slime and phlegm in the Shaders to make it all look like a gross Titan throat.
I used distortion shaders on the sides to make it look more alive, which you can see in the video clip if you click on the picture below.

A lot of credits goes to the tech art and programmers to make this kind of crazy levels possible. That's all about this Titan...